Swinging Through The Vines EP

by Laffhappy

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released 25 March 2012
Produced by Ryan Locke
Co-produced by Steve Rot
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Rot
Art by Erin Wood

Composed and performed by Laffhappy
Laffhappy ©2011, all rights reserved



all rights reserved


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I am Ryan Locke. I'm an unsigned Canadian musician originating from Toronto currently based in Edmonton. Throughout the last few years, I have recorded music videos airing on local TV stations, featured music in short films, interviews in magazines and radio. The highlight of my career was in Ethiopia while performing to families in World Vision's development programs. Thank you for your support! ... more

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Track Name: Ryan Locke - Sleep Talker
I'm losing touch of myself
My friends, my head
Bleeding through my ears
My fears are real

I lie awake in the sun
That's what I do for fun

I'm losing touch of myself
My friends live in my head
bleeding through my ears
I talk in my sleep

I won't recall what I said
I won't describe what I ment

I have no secrets to keep
I talk in my sleep
Track Name: Ryan Locke - Undercover Lover
She's my beauty queen she's my undercover lover
She sings songs only a mother would love
In a letter you said don't waste a day
Ignorance won't keep the truth away

My baby don't know my like she used to know me
She hides away in the tops of the trees
Hoping I'll notice and recognize
Its not a disguise

My baby don't know me like you know me
Water my fire
Embracing the gift to exist and love more pure than wine
we spark in the dark

She's my beauty queen, my passion fruit lover
Sings song for the angels and doves
Only mothers would love

My baby don't know where she needs to go
Waiting in line aging with time
dreams that i'll see with my own two eyes
And at the end of the day
I'll call her mine
Track Name: Ryan Locke - Purple
I'm black and blue
There's nothing I can do
Where have all my bones gone?
Don't you know I've fallen apart from the pain?
Where's the gain?

That's when my skin began to rot
My breath was green, yes my coffee is still hot
Thanks a lot

I can't feel you the way I used to
But that is something only time can take away but not today..... ... .. .
Track Name: Ryan Locke - Mr. Nicecream
I was a child then.
Living on rocks, swimming with sharks
Now I'm a decease man
Warning my neighbours of uncommon dangers
watching over children
razors in parks, cocaine in chalksticks
I can't feel angry
Feeling's for living diseases are killers

Everyone lies when you ask them where they'd rather be
Ask me again I'll tell you that heavens for me
Churches are burning and children are learning to read
Walk through the crowd like we're walking on clouds its a breaze

I swollowed my pills, paid all my bills
Drank fairly heavily
Nobody knew I would die before you
I watered my plants
Swam to an island you followed behind me
I felt alive when I tripped and died

I fell in love with the woman who took care of me
Promised the children I'd called them at least once a week
Stoned to the table I am unable to be
The man with a smile who takes his kids out for ice cream

Was I in love with the woman who took care of me
Promised the children I'd call them at least once a year
Stoned in the stairwell I am unable to be
The man with a smile who's luring kids with ice cream
Track Name: Ryan Locke - Swinging Through The Vines
Swinging through the vines as if you'll never find what you're looking for

But you'll never find me.. no
You'll never find what you're looking for